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Wildland Fire Investigation, Consulting, and Litigation Support

Anne’s unique knowledge gained from working as a criminal investigator with the US Forest Service has enabled her to understand and navigate the complexities of government agencies involved in wildland firefighting and origin and cause investigation.

During her career with the Forest Service she had the opportunity to conduct a variety of wildland fire investigations both as a single resource and in a team-style interagency setting. Anne served as a case agent, taskforce member, and a field level origin and cause investigator. Anne was a member of the instructor cadre for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) sponsored FI-210 Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination courses.

Anne can assist attorneys involved in wildland fire litigation with a variety of services including witness interviews, public disclosure requests to obtain key documents, identification of the need for expert witnesses, discovery review and analysis, deposition and court hearing question formulation, review and analysis of origin and cause investigation reports and police reports, scene review and analysis, and many other tasks.

Timber Theft & Trespass Investigation, Consulting, Litigation Support, and Training

Anne is a national expert in the area of timber theft and timber trespass. She has extensive experience and has conducted numerous investigations involving timber sale contract issues, thefts against boundaries between government and private property, and the poaching of high dollar timber species including bigleaf maple and western red cedar. Anne has worked closely with federal and state prosecutors to prepare cases for trial, testified numerous times in both federal and state court systems concerning the theft of timber, and has obtained many convictions and settlements.

Additionally, Anne has authored and presented timber theft investigation training to both state and federal employees. Anne has also provided training in both timber theft investigation and fire investigation to foreign governments through the US Forest Service International Programs division. Training Anne developed for the Forest Service has been presented in South America, Indonesia, and Europe.

Anne has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of timber theft and trespass scenarios and can assist attorneys, private landowners, businesses and government agencies as a consultant, expert, or private investigator. Anne can also provide training in the area of timber theft investigation and prevention to government agencies and private timber security employees.

Criminal Defense Investigation

As a retired law enforcement professional, Anne has the necessary knowledge and experience to work closely with defense counsel to review and analyze discovery materials such as police reports, photographs, and witness statements, conduct defendant and witness interviews, and perform background checks of expert witnesses. Anne’s thorough approach to investigations will assist in making informed decisions concerning case resolution. It is Anne’s firm belief that all persons charged with a crime deserve a vigorous defense.

Small Business and Corporate Investigations

Employee theft, fraud, and embezzlement cost companies billions of dollars each year. Anne will provide corporate and small business clients with a legal, thoroughly documented, and professional investigation.

Some of the cases we can assist you with are as follows:

Civil Litigation Investigative and Trial Support

Anne will partner with your legal representation to provide a broad range of investigative support for civil litigation. A timely and thorough investigation is imperative in the early stages of a lawsuit or claim. We can assist attorneys in locating and interviewing potential witnesses, conducting surveillance, performing background checks, or other such services.

We will help you fill in the knowledge gaps with relevant information you need to prevail in settlement negotiations, court hearings, or at trial.

Other Services and Specialties